/pé nɛ́kst/
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    Welcome to PAY-NXT. PAY-NXT is a young enterprise, specialised in payment logistics for companies of all sizes.
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    Welkom bij PAY-NXT. PAY-NXT is een jonge onderneming, gespecialiseerd in betalingsverkeer voor grote en kleine bedrijven.
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    Bienvenue chez PAY-NXT. PAY-NXT est une jeune entreprise qui se spécialise dans les transactions de paiement pour les grands et les petits commerçants.
PAY-NXT deals with all schemes and mechanisms that make up the payments ecosystem as we know it today. 

From Corporate Cash Management to Mobile Consumer Payments, PAY-NXT provides the required building blocks to meet any payment related requirements. 
itspaid provides a new means for consumers to settle bill payments.  Regardless of how invoices are delivered, itspaid will notify the end-customer when it's time to pay.

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    For all questions, don't hesitate to reach us at [email protected]
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    Voor alle vragen, aarzel niet ons te contacteren op [email protected]
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    N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toute question: [email protected]